• Teams of 2, $20/person/week (Coed)
  • Each week we will choose 9 holes to play from a different
    course, choose the wind settings, fairway and greens
    conditions, and other various play conditions.
  • Each team will have one week (7 days) to complete their round. As long as your round is completed during the correct week your scores will be counted against your opponents and your win/loss will be recorded. If you fail to complete your round for the week you will receive a forfeit score and a loss will be recorded.
  • Every team will have 15 minutes to spend at the driving range to warm up, and then one hour to complete their 9 hole course. Tee times can be booked online or reserved by calling in to the front desk during business hours to check if the simulator is available. Feel free to coordinate with your opponents and book for 2 hours to compete head to head!
  • Handicaps will be set the first 2 weeks as there will be no match play scheduled for those weeks. Teams are required to play 2 rounds (18 holes) prior to week 3 to qualify your handicap. Everyone will play the same 18 holes, with the same settings, to set their handicap. Handicaps will change on a week to week basis depending on your scores each week.
  • League scoring will be match play. You will be set up against a specific team each week and your scores will be recorded against theirs, including handicaps, to determine a winner. Ties will also be recorded and each team will have their record kept in wins-losses-ties format.


  • Eligible to join our mug club which gives you discounted beer buckets.
  • $5 off an hour rental of the simulator during non league play.
  • Also receive 15% off your food bill.